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Good Morning! Ostrovit WPC80 Whey
£ 19.99
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  • Cappuccino Shake
weight: 700 g
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OstroVit GOOD MORNING is a protein supplement that helps fulfill the shortages of protein in the diet during intense physical effort. GOOD MORNING version was created for those who use protein conditioner in the morning. This is a great combination WPC80 flavored cappuccino shake enriched with caffeine, taurine and L-tyrosine.  Very high content of L-glutamine is undoubtedly another advantage of using OstroVit GOOD MORNING. Thanks to this amino acid, which acts anti-catabolic,  OstroVit GOOD MORNING makes your body quickly eliminates morning catabolism

    Why you should use OstroVit GOOD MORNING?

- Deliveries 23.4g of protein derived from whey protein and it is free from amino acids

- Every serving contains a dose of anti-catabolic L-Glutamine (1800mg) and 4000mg of glutamic acid

- You'll notice the arousal without consuming coffee. The product contains a complex of stimulants.

Pleasant cappuccino taste will allow you to replace your morning coffee with you morning shake OstroVit GOOD MORNING.

Whey protein concentrate contains very rich aminogram which makes a great impact on the growth of muscle mass. With exogenous amino acids (including BCAA), the product works perfectly anabolic and anti-catabolic.


Whey Protein Concentrate, L-glutamine, taurine, aroma, L-tyrosine, sucralose, anhydrous caffeine, stevia extract-sweetener.

Recommended use: Dissolve one portion of product - 30g in 200 ml of water or milk. Use shaker or blender. Use one - twice daily.


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